How to use a portable tea infuser?

If you love to see your beautiful tea, its colour and texture and take it with you where ever you go, then these portable tea infusers are perfect for you!

There’s 2 ways you can brew your tea but here’s the most common:

Method #1 (For teas with unlimited steeping times or in small quantities)

1/Remove the lid and filter (small stainless steel piece) and add your loose leaf tea into the infuser.

2/Then carefully add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass

3/Carefully replace  the filter – clicking it into place.

Wait a few seconds prior to twisting on the lid so steam pressure can escape.

Steam Advisory – Use Caution With Boiling Water — Allow Time For Steam To Dissipate Prior To Twisting On Lid – STEAM PRESSURE MAY CAUSE LEAKS

4/ Screw on the lid and now you can take your tea with you wherever you like!

(Note: if you would like to infuse your tea quickly turn the infuser upside down (with the lid on of course) for a while and watch as the colour transforms the water! But please be careful as you open it up again.


Method #2  (For teas with limited steeping times)

Remove the lid and filter; carefully add hot water to below the rim of the tea glass.

Clip the filter in securely; add 2 -3 grams of loose- leaf tea on top of the filter.

Wait 2-3 minutes prior to twisting on lid so steam pressure does not force a leak upon inverting.

After a brief cool down period, twist on the lid securely and slowly turn the glass upside down to steep the tea.

After you have steeped your tea, return it back upright and open it up slowly. Remove the tea and tea infuser and drink your tea, or twist the lid back on and take it with you where ever you go.



Watch a short 3 min video on how to use the portable tea infuser



Q. How long do the tea infusers keep tea hot?

A. The Portable Glass Tea Infuser keeps your tea hot for approximately one hour and a half

Q. Can these be put in the dishwasher and microwave?

A. No, Portable Glass Tea Infusers should be washed by hand and should not be put in the microwave nor in the dishwasher.

Q. What type of glass is used in the Portable Glass Tea Infuser?

A. Borosilicate glass – glass that is used in science labs similar to ‘Pyrex’.

Q. What is the inner lid made from ?

A. The inner lid is made from super class food grade PC, PP and food grade silicon rubber sealing rings.

Q. Will it break?

A.This Portable Glass tea infuser  is designed to be much more durable but it is still glass. So like any travel mug however, there is always a possibility for breaking, and reasonable care should therefore be applied when using your portable glass tea infuser.

Q. What do I do if I have a tea glass that leaks?

A. Check to ensure that rubber seal is in the lid. This round rubber seal is what prevents it from leaking, if you loose this – the glass will leak. Also ensure there are no tea leaves on the threads where the pieces twist together, and that these surfaces are dry, as tea bits and water bubbles can compromise the seal.

If your tea glass is still challenged please contact us at and describe where the leakage is coming from.