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My Tea Ritual – Tea Meditation Workshops

Basia tea meditation workshopsHi my name is Basia, and I am a Tea Meditator

For me the art of drinking tea is a beautiful practice, that is so full of life and can be a great training ground to learn about the right way of living.

Because these days its so hard to to fit in the time to meditate and not be lost in your thoughts, tea helps in solving both of those problems.

I conduct tea ceremonies which run for approx. 30-45 mins – leading the group through a tea mindfulness meditation and offering them elements which they can bring into their daily cup of tea – thus offering a personal relaxation tool.

Meditation is about being in the present moment, being conscious and aware in the NOW. When you perform any action with deep awareness it becomes a meditation in itself. That is why for centuries drinking tea has been practiced as a form of meditation in the Zen tea ceremonies.

In the workshops I explore how tea and meditation are linked and go deeper into how we can form our own practice of tea meditation – our own tea ritual.

Currently I perform Tea Ceremonies at the Billabong Retreats- you can check it out here:


Outside of this I also offer different versions of workshops to suit the type of audience:

The following are the styles I offer but I can always tailor to suit your audience/your event.

Yoga Schools: Tea Ceremony – Tea Ritual
For yoga schools we offer options of adding on a tea ceremony to the end of their class or holding it as a special event, or combining it with an existing special event.

Business/Corporate Sector: Tea Mindfulness Practice
For many people in the corporate world it is hard to find ways to distress and be centred in the middle of the work day.  Having a mindful cup of tea takes no longer then just a few minutes but can give us that valuable space which rebalances and helps us to focus on the important things.  These workshops can be added to your corporate retreats or can be tailored as an individual presentation. Contact us to see how we can tailor it to your event.

Retreat Centers: Tea Ceremony – Mindfulness Tea Ritual
If you run a retreat and would like an extra workshop that is unique and a real practical tool yet beautiful in its execution this is a great workshop to add to your list!

Price: $100-$550 or can be per person approx. $10 *

*Regarding price it all depends on the occasion, location, time and number of people so please contact me on mytearitual@gmail.com to have a chat.

Want to find out more detail check out our tea workshops explained.pdf